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Scenic boat tours around Bressay and Noss
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What more could you possibly ask?   (How about loads of laughter and fresh coffee, as well?)

  Above&UnderWater Shetland is for sale!  

Not your typical boat tour

Forget your average boat tour — passengers packed in like sardines; a pre–arranged, inflexible commentary; and impersonal or pretentious (or even inexperienced) guides — Above&UnderWater Shetland tours are different! Our ‘Coastal Shetland’ tours have:

photo of Alan talking
Personal tours
  • very limited numbers: we take just 8 or 9 guests on our daytime tours and up to 12 on our evening cruises
  • a responsive commentary: there’s no ‘pre–set’ commentary, so your interests guide us
  • a variety of topics: we don’t just talk about seabirds and seals — we also cover history, culture, arts & crafts, geology…politics!
  • an entertaining style: we think you should enjoy yourself, so our tours are informal and informative; factual and fun
  • a special surprise: Shetland’s amazing underwater world — see it live, in full colour, with our submarine video camera!
  • and a range of tours: so you can “choose the cruise” that’s right for you:
Galathea and cruise ship
 Cruise liner info

Find out more about our ‘Coastal Shetland’ tours, to see which one might suit you best. Our prices depend on which tour you choose and your age/circumstances. Please see our PRICES & BOOKING page for TOUR PRICES.

Read more about Shetland’s wildlife and scenery on our nature page. To find out more about Shetland’s ‘submarine secrets’, see our underwater page.

…not your typical tour boat!

Tired of functional – but boring – tour boats? Our boat, the Galathea, is a bit unusual: a classic motor yacht, she’s a particularly seaworthy and stable coastal cruiser, but much more stylish and comfortable than your average tour boat. Why? We live aboard!

photo of interior of our boat
Inside our cosy cabin

Come into our home. We’ve made the Galathea especially cosy and welcoming.

photo of an onboard party
Guests welcome!
Our main cabin is totally enclosed and heated, with extra-large viewing windows; and our open aft (back) deck is raised, for unrestricted, panoramic views.

Make yourself at home in our home — settle down in our comfy seating area, help yourself to a coffee or tea…or just ask, and we’ll bring a ‘cuppa’ to you! On the Galathea, you’re not just passengers to us — you’re guests in our home.

There’s more information about the Galathea on our boat page.

Find out more about Alan and Robbi — your guides and hosts — on our about us page.

Join us aboard the Galathea — for a warm welcome and hospitality second to none!

Lost? Head for our sitemap to find the page you need.

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